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Child Custody

Child Custody

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The most valuable resources in a divorce are the kids. The conclusion of a marriage, and the transitioning from 1 family to 2, requires deciding with whom the children will live and when and how visitation will be resolved.

Paul Hardy Law Is here to fight for you and your child’s rights. We will make the litigation process as painless for you and your children as possible and make sure that your child is able to live with the right person.

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The courts prefers a specific kind of custody  called” joint conservatorship”. This doesn’t always mean that each parent will find an equal time with their kids. It only suggests that every parent may have an equal say on important decisions for the children’s welfare, such as educational or medical decisions. Though joint conservatorship is favored, if it is in the best interest of the child the court may order sole conservatorship.

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Possession Schedule

If the both parties cannot agree on a visitation schedule the Texas family code dictates that it’s in the best interest of the child to input “Standard Possession Program”. This kind of schedule allows for weekend visits, a couple of hours on a single weeknight, shifting vacation visitation and summer visitation. When possible both parties should attempt and establish a visitation schedule that suits their unique requirements and functions well for both the parties and the children involved.

The program which provides for one parent to get Monday and Tuesday promptly each week and another parent to get Wednesday and Thursday immediately per week and they alternate which parent has Friday through Sunday weekly.



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