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In the divorce process we are taking one family and dividing it in two distinct families. This is never a simple process and causes many people to worry about just how much they might have to begin over with. Although there are no winners in divorce we realize you have to restart after divorce, and that depends on you getting your fair share of their community house. Our San Antonio property division lawyers are here to help. Through this process, property and debt will have to be accounted for and divided between the parties. The initial step is to determine whether debt or property is connected or separate. Assets or debt gathered prior to the marriage is considered separate It is owned separately by every person’s spouse.

Independent property includes:

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Our experienced family law attorneys at Paul Hardy Law understand how significant the division of property and debt could be. We can assist you to determine what your home branch will probably be and help you negotiate a fair division of your property. Schedule an appointment today to meet up with one of our family law attorneys to find an evaluation of your case.

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Debt or property that’s acquired or generated during the marriage, by either spouse, is considered group property or debt. There’s an assumption that property and debt that exists at the end of the marriage is group property and some claim of separate property has to be demonstrated by the partner making that claim.

Sounds simple, right? If it is individual property the partner gets to keep it — and if it’s group property that the Decree of Divorce divides it. However, occasionally it isn’t clear which it is because of the way the parties handled the debt or property.  Additional even if it’s independent property there might be a settlement claim for marital money that was spent on the separate debt or property of a few of the spouses.



Proving your Property

After our division of property attorneys have determined how every piece of land and debt is distinguished exactly the Texas Family Code requires that all assets and debts that are community house be divided at a “just and reasonable” manner. It doesn’t say equally. There are many factors that a court uses to divide community property and debt.

Court Factors:

Spousal abilities to support themselves



Court Factors

partner’s wrongdoing

Court Factors:

the financial costs



Court Factors:

expenditures paid