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To file for a divorce, the spouse must request a court to get a judgment of divorce. An individual filing for divorce then has to create a list of what they want to get from the divorce.


Our divorce lawyers in San Antonio will collect information about your marriage to build an air tight case to defend you.


The San Antonio Law Firm of Paul Hardy is here to reach a reasonable settlement that both parties will find agreeable


Your trial will last anywhere from a few hours to a couple weeks. Paul Hardy will serve you through the entire process.


Keep in mind that you're not going through this alone. Your lawyer at Paul Hardy Law is going to be an integral advisor.

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Paul Hardy Law divorce lawyers work to make sure every customer has the divorce information and family law tools they should to understand the divorce process and understand what to expect before meeting with their family law attorney. A divorce can be a lengthy process, and prep is crucial in minimizing the stress of your situation.

Easy Payment Plans Are Available

Your Divorce Process

The first petition frequently demands more effort than the plaintiff anticipates. Don’t worry if your spouse claims that she can’t support herself and consequently wants you to pay all subsequent fees. Lawyers often use the first petition for a “want list”.

Early on in the divorce process, both parties can file for temporary orders to address any pressing problem which can’t wait until the conclusion of the divorce.

Just as important it is preparing for your opponent’s case, winning a favorable judgment means you have to be ready to defend against your spouses’ allegations.




and cash considerations can end with a settlement. You may wait one or two years to your own trial, but meanwhile, both you, and your spouse’s attorneys’ charges will continue to rise. These fees generally increase dramatically since the trial date approaches.

The plaintiff presents proof by calling witnesses and presenting each piece of evidence. Once the plaintiff “rests,” it is the defendant’s turn to present their case. Once both sides have rested, the court could permit the plaintiff to present a “rebuttal” testimony from reacting to the defendant’s evidence.

Divorce proceedings might reveal a torrent of emotions ranging from anger and anxiety to depression. But as hard as this really is, you can’t merely call in sick, because your (and your children ) interests hinge on your ability to push and make good decisions. You have to work to disconnect grievances that are meaningfully related to your children’s welfare from the ones that are offensive to you, however difficult they may be.

Grey Divorce

Divorcing whenever you are near retirement age can also significantly alter the plans you’ve got for the twilight years. Based on your situation, you may need to get into your retirement budget sooner than expected and may have to make plans to postpone retirement or increase your retirement savings. Our San Antonio divorce attorneys can help you navigate this difficult situation.