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Our company has served the San Antonio area for over 40 Decades, and attorney Paul Hardy is here to work with you to secure the rights and safety of you and your children. We have the tools to expertise to answer all of your questions concerning civil rights and duties and to present a powerful case for you. Please fill out our form online or give us a call at 210-817-7000 now to schedule a free consultation today.

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If both parents cooperate, a correctly written consented order, such as an agreed upon designation of parental rights and responsibilities, might be drafted and shown to the court. But if you’re not able to get too such an agreement, and you have reason to believe that you’re being stifled by acting or making significant choices in the best interest of your child, you’ll need the expertise of a parental rights attorney who has been involved with such contested cases to safeguard your rights and the child’s rights.

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